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Our Story



The Militem Apparel Brand was first launched in 2016 by a group of Emergency Services & Police professionals. Our team have a range of experience working in such areas as: Fire & Rescue, Policing, Defence, Forest/Bush Firefighting, Corrections and Emergency Management.

We are not just building a clothing label, we are building a community of our brother’s and sister’s from around the country, with the intentions of supporting one another and fight the battle that is PTSD along the way. We want a brand that everyone can be proud to wear on and off duty, as well as your family and supporters.

Our Story



The Latin word Militem means to be a Knight, Warrior or Horseman. We believe that a knight has a sense of purpose and belonging and they have a creed that they always follow. Throughout Australia we believe those who step out every day to protect the lives of others, often strangers, do so with the same creed as a Knight.

Our Story



Thank you for dropping by the Militem Apparel online store, I hope you like what you see. Militem Apparel is not just a clothing label, it’s a community, and together with your help, by supporting our brand, we hope to give back to not only the many organisations that need help around our beautiful country, but we hope to support the many causes that are important to you and your families as well.

Our Story
Our Story



Please let us know what you like and also what you would like to see.

Stay safe & keep supporting one another.

Cheers Roy.